We receive several requests a month for information about the families that we have served in the past. We are eager to help in any way that we can. But, to assist you, please note all of  the following:

* Some records are available from 1870 to the present.

* Records around 1900 may or not be available.

* Information on file is limited to the requirements of the time.

* We do not have grave locations,  such as grave numbers, tier, section, row or the number of graves in a specific plot. Please contact the individual cemetery for this information. You can see our 'Cemeteries' page for phone numbers.

* Our records do not show who is buried in any particular grave or plot. Please contact the individual cemetery for this information.

* All requests should be submitted by email to: Please state which funeral home location (Riverdale or West Milford) your request should be routed to.

* Please, one request per email.

* Please be as specific as possible as to your request. Include your relationship to the deceased. Also provide your current contact information. All responses will be by email or phone.

* To protect the privacy of the families that we serve, it is company policy that we do not give out phone numbers or addresses, past or present.

* Because of our ever changing work environment, requests will be handled as time permits.

Thank You.

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